manufacturing costs

Producing at home – that’s how it pays

smp Engineering provides you with the support and guidance necessary to develop, purchase, and produce products more efficiently in the machinery and manufacturing sector – thus allowing you to compete more effectively in the global market. Our motivated team of mechanical and design engineers has been able to reduce costs by up to 50 percent in more than 100 successful projects, proving: You do not have to go overseas to produce products competitively. We combine experience and technical expertise with a commercial perspective – and help you to streamline your products for increased efficiency and effectiveness from the very start.

Revealing hidden cost-saving potentials from design to production

The fact is: 80 percent of subsequent manufacturing costs are a consequence of the early development phase. We have therefore developed a computer-based method of displaying cost-saving potentials across the entire value chain – providing accurate information about future manufacturing costs from the very first design concept. Our method enables us to present you with an accurate forecast of the actual savings effect after the analysis phase. This means: smp offers you a risk-free way of increasing your competitiveness.

Please take a look at our small case example in which we were able to reduce the costs of a product by 28 percent through clever re-engineering.

Case study: Rethink and save